The new software architecture of our factoryLog® products now have a new device driver added to the list. The Beckhoff ADS driver is one of the fastest data providers we have developed capable of aquiring data at rates of down to 1ms per data package. The ADS driver can be used to connect to Beckhoff PLC systems to read or write to exported PLC variables. Both analog and digital values can be processed. Preconfigured setup files are supplied with examples. Both plc-task variables and extra-task variables can be accessed.

The setup requires:

  • ADS port number (301 for extra tasks and 801 for plc tasks)
  • The ADS group address
  • The name of the variable optionally with an offset and factor
  • The required update / refresh frequency

The driver also supports the slower Modbus protocol for direct access to Beckhoff Modbus hardware.